Kate Moss bares it all for Saint Laurent

And she's rocking it in a white fur coat on a helipad by the beach in Capri.

A continuation of its ongoing campaign series, Anthony Vaccarello is back with the new Saint Laurent campaign film, starring the one and only Kate Moss.

Titled #YSL13, this new fashion film is created for Saint Laurent's coming Spring/Summer 2018 series and sees the legendary petite supermodel in on a helipad by the beach in Capri, dressed in only a white fur coat (and nothing in between!).

So far, we do not know where Kate is jetting off to, but it looks very, very cool.

(A little side note: it might not be the best idea to watch this at work as Kate bares it all.)


The #YSL13 - Kate Moss fashion film by Saint Laurent is directed by Nathalie Canguilhem.


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