Jojo Styles: "In Dreams We Wake" featuring Versace

In an intergalactic-esque shoot, Jojo explores the power of dream and godly manifestations through psychedelic graphics.
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"How much power is there in a dream? What if dreams are where we live and reality does not exist?", our ambassador Jojo Goh (@gojojojojogoh) ponders.

For her monthly 4-page contribution to our magazine, Jojo decided to explore the idea of dreams, time and space in a psychedelic spread, created in collaboration with photography and digital artist Colbie Ong (@colbieong).

Dressed throughout Versace's Pre-Fall 2017 collection, Jojo talks about dreams, the god Vishnu and déjà vu.

(See her stunning visual diary below, styled by herself)

"It is provoking to think of the world is but a dream of Vishnu, and that we are all manifestations of the great God’s mind; that we are no more independent entities than the figures in our dreams."
"No wonder we experience déjà vu. No wonder we sometimes feel we’ve been to places and done certain things. No wonder we feel like we might have known someone before even meeting them."
"If we are but broken images of Vishnu himself rippling on the spontaneous surface of his mind, then we are one with him, with each other, with the universe. Why shouldn’t we love others like we love ourselves?"
"If the world were to collapse when Vishnu opens his eyes, I wish he would remember the fractures of his dreams; that we were all once alive."

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Styling: Jojo Goh
Photography & digital imaging: Colbie Ong
Makeup: Chin Mun / Diva Production
Hair: Kay Tuan / Centro Hair Salon



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