Jojo Goh takes Loewe to the Pearl of the Orient

Jojo Goh shows us that we don't need a reason to dress up, especially when it comes to Loewe.
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Do you have days when you are dressed to the nines with nowhere to go? Or days when you decide to roam the streets aimlessly – but very fabulously?

That's what our ambassador Jojo Goh did in our prized Pearl of the Orient – Penang Island.

Dressed in the best of Loewe Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear and flaunting the many new coveted Loewe bags, Jojo ventures out to the colourful neighbourhood of Little India.

And for what? Absolutely nothing. It's all about looking good for the sake of feeling good and Jojo shows us how she does it.

We all have days when we just want to hide inside our bag. A fabulous one at that.

[Jojo is carrying the Loewe Barcelona tote bag]

There's also days where we are just feeling ourselves completely.


Then there are those days when you have too much on your hands and you just need to cram it all in.

[Jojo is carrying the Loewe Messenger Strap Small Bag]

But no matter what it is, you just need to swing it your way.

[Jojo is carrying the Loewe Barcelona tote bag]


Sometimes, dressing up for no reason at all is the best reason of all.

[Jojo is carrying the Loewe Midnight bag]

Best of all is when you have something cosy and chic (especially in bed).

[Jojo is carrying the Loewe T Shopper bag]



Photography: Zhong Lin
Styling: Jeffrey Yan
Makeup: Nu Tan
Hair: Garrie Sim
Outfit: Loewe Fall/Winter 2017 ready-to-wear and bag collection



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