Meet Fendilicious, Jojo Goh's alter ego

"My alter ego is Fendilicious. Allow me to introduce you to her."
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Extra! Extra! We have a breaking news to share with you: our ambassador Jojo Goh has a funky alter ego named "Fendilicious"!

And this month, we managed to catch Fendilicious in the midst her prowl around town and like her name, you'd know she is obsessed with Fendi.

 Which now makes sense that she comes decked out head to toe in Fendi Pre-Fall 2017 collection to parade her model-esque beauty!

So, right here, right now, find out who Fendilicious is (we even think she might be the big sister of Piro-Chan and Bug-Kun!).

Fun, silly and carefree

She is constantly in a strange state of mind, shielded from all the noise in the world. She is herself and only herself matters.

She lets her imagination roam free

Fearless like a honey badger, said a friend once. If I tried to tame her, she would slip away and put on another disguise like the alluring Kitsune from Japanese mythology.

She has snuck up on me way too many times

When I don't know how to handle a conversation, or a handshake, or when to join in, or when to walk out. She knows no awkwardness because she is awkward, to begin with.

"She is as much a friend as she is a foe.

She is my very own fight club.

She is Fendilicious."

You can see and read more on the L'Officiel Malaysia August 2017 "Behind The Scene" issue, now available at all major newsstands and bookstores nationwide.

You can also subscribe and download our digital copy on our Subscriptions page.



Photography: Stefan Khoo
Styling: Monica Mong
Makeup: Peter Khor / Fac3Inc
Hair: Edward Chong / Evolve Salon
Outfits: Fendi Pre-Fall 2017 collection

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