In Seoul with Yoona and Irene Kim for Max Mara Coats!

The launch party saw the likes of Irene Kim, Yoona, Sunmi and Son Na Eun in attendance to celebrate "Max Mara Coats!" in Seoul.
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A 2-week fashion affair that has just ended in Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, the Max Mara Coat! exhibition was one that celebrates the fashion house's 60 years of illustrious success.

And within, Max Mara took its guests on an interactive and contemporary journey to experience the heritage of the brand and its iconic camel coat design, all told in seven themed exhibit rooms.

While the exhibition is over now, we decided to bring you on a throwback tour to witness it all and who better as your tour guide than the two Korean fashion icons Yoona and Irene Kim.

(Swipe gallery below to view the exhibition, starring Irene Kim and Yoona)


Starting from the '50s and all the way to the present, Max Mara had compiled over 90 designs for the exhibition including the iconic 101801 style, which is shown together with sketches by the designers who have worked with Max Mara like Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Charles de CastelBajac and Proenza Schouler.

And here, let us also take you back to the opening night where the biggest stars of fashion were in attendance to celebrate Max Mara, including Irene Kim, Yoona, Sunmi and Son Na Eun.

(Swipe gallery below for the photos of the opening night)




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