In Her Manolo Blahniks: Our favourites from Spring/Summer 2020

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes.
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There’s something about putting on a really fantastic pair of shoes that lifts your mood, boosts your confidence and makes you feel ready to take on the world. No outfit is complete without the right shoe, and no wardrobe is complete without a pair of Manolo Blahniks.

With a legion of devotees that include Victoria Beckham, Amal Clooney and Carrie Bradshaw (who may be fictional but is nevertheless an icon), Manolo Blahnik’s creations are for dreamers, aesthetes and visionaries — the kinds of people who shun the herd in favour of pure artistry and authenticity.

For Spring/Summer 2020, Blahnik draws from a myriad of inspirations: from the elegance of the Italian Riviera to the brutalist nature of Rick Owens’ furniture design. There is a variety of styles to choose from but here are some of our personal favourites.

1585893693577129 manolo tanais suede1585893698796215 manolo herodotus suede
Tanais suede red and Herodotus suede navy


Blahnik has cited Ancient Greece as a place of “constant inspiration” and it is no coincidence that he has named these shoes for an ancient Greek city and a Greek historian (known as the father of history). The splashes of primary colours and geometric shapes take inspiration from the mobiles of American sculptor Alexander Calder.

1585893908329617 manolo eroj satin1585893914896649 manolo aria satin
Eroj satin blue and Aralia satin red


You may liken a pair of Manolo Blahniks to works of art and sometimes, there is no greater pleasure than beauty for beauty’s sake. Cast in the most elegant satin and adorned with jewels and faux freshwater pearls, the decorative nature of Eroj and Aralia were inspired by Baroque pearl jewellery.

1585894037355785 manolo falga leather1585894043022498 manolo taxepalo leather
Fialga leather black and Taxepalo leather black


Artists are often inspired by their peers which shows us how Fialga and Taxepalo draw from a seemingly unlikely source. Rick Owens’ furniture is dark, confronting and has a strangely savage appeal in its harsh simplicity—quite opposite to the dreamy, ultra-femme confections rendered by Blahnik. Fialga is an androgynous flat sandal with a heavy tread sole and Taxepalo a clunky, minimalist slingback—proof that the best things can happen when opposites attract.

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