Guccify yourself with the new GUCCY bag

If you can't fight, why not join them and make a parody of your own brand name?
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Always a step ahead, Gucci has always embraced the power of parodies, especially ones that reflect on its own, and the latest to the scene is the GUCCY bag.

Yes, that is not a spelling error. It is indeed "Gucci" with a "Y", that projects a medieval spelling of the brand name and, more importantly, a jab at all the knock-offs of Gucci in the market.


Making its debut on the Gucci Spring/Summer 2018 collection, the GUCCY bag is the "It" bag on everyone's lips.

This is the next step for all Gucci lovers to "Guccify" themselves, following the raving success of the Gucci logo tees and Ace sneakers (specifically the one with the embroidered golden bee on the tri-colour stripes).

For this new GUCCY logo, creative director Alessandro Michele uses the iconic SEGA font to illustrate the design, which is part of his homage to eighties video gaming culture for this season.

An iconic fixture in the colourful arcades and coin-op game rooms of the time, the SEGA logo is one we all loved in our youth and now, it is repurposed with a background of stars framed with a delicate motif in variations of metallic gold, black and white.

Launched with a special illustrated campaign ad, this GUCCY bag has already taken over Instagram since its debut and now it is time for you to get yours!

Our personal favourite? The white leather with metallic gold motif, of course!



Special Note: The SEGA font is used with permission of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd

(Images by Gucci)



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