Gucci Eyewear has a new music project #GucciGig

A Gucci Spotify account is coming along with the latest Gucci Eyewear digital campaign.
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Gucci Eyewear unveils #GucciGig, the Italian house's latest digital campaign that brings a glimpse into the backstage creative process through music. 

For this new campaign, Gucci has invited 12 musicians from all over the globe, each teamed with visual artist partner, to conjure their personal experience of live performance into the form of photos, videos, paintings and more.


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In #GucciGig, the musicians and artists reimagine a selection of Gucci Eyewear collection – which ranges from the oversized pearled acetates to bold frames – with their very own codes of style to bring a flamboyant visual tradition of gigs, clubbing and festivals to life. 

Photographer Jamie Wdziekonski captures the backstage moments of Australian band Amyl and the Sniffers with a dash of wildness and nostalgia; while Yves Tumor and Jordan Hemingway play with glitches, technicolour and electronica in their collab video.

There are also Merry Lamb Lamb and Hong Kong label Somewhere Nowhere Studio who dreamt up an otaku-girl’s room where a budding performer emerges.



Scroll down to check out Gucci's latest campaign #GucciGig:

The launching of #GucciGig is also coming with the debut of Gucci's Spotify account, and to find out more about the campaign, visit





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