Gary James McQueen pays tribute to the Alexander McQueen legacy

The nephew of the late designer is launching a made-to-order scarf collection to pay tribute to McQueen's legacy.
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The nephew to the late Alexander Lee McQueen, Gary James McQueen is launching a collection of made-to-order silk printed scarves.

Gary, who was personally mentored by the late designer, has created this collection to pay tribute to the late designer's legacy, inspired by his time working with Alexander McQueen.

Separated into three series, Life, Death and Rebirth, Gary has created the prints using 3-D technology.

On this collection, Gary says, "Everybody who worked with Lee knew that the most important part of the design process is the research, the development of an idea and thinking outside the box. That became very much part of my process, developing an idea and having a strong story behind the concept.

For Life, the designer draws inspiration from his uncle's fascination with birds, masked Highwaymen and eastern art, while the Death series is a nod to the Victorian era, often seen in Alexander McQueen's designs.

As for the Rebirth collection, Gary takes a cue from otherworldly feminine figures as the source of inspiration, much like the works of his uncle Alexander.

While many are expected to compare Gary's works with the late fashion legend, we are excited to welcome Gary James McQueen into our wardrobe and hopefully, we will see more of him soon!

Rumour has it that he is already in talks with Savile Row’s Anderson and Sheppard for the brand’s first retail partnership!



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