First look into the Uniqlo JW Anderson collection

Jonathan Anderson is bringing a fresh new take at tartan and we are in love!
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The long-awaited reveal of the coming Uniqlo JW Anderson is finally here after months of speculation since we broke the news in March.
And it is an absolute tartan galore that struck us with love at first sight. And right now, our fashion editor Jeffrey Yan is in London getting the first look of the collection and we're breaking it down to you right here.

Showcasing the collection at Tate Museum, the spectacle is all we ever dreamt of and we have to say that we'd snatch up everything in it on the launch day, this coming 2nd November 2017.

Of tartans, stripes and minimalism

A designer known for his love for experimental fashion (think chain mails, feather and boys in granny crochets), it was hard to imagine how Jonathan Anderson would translate the collaboration with a minimal fashion label like Uniqlo.

But if you take a closer look at Jonathan Anderson's personal wardrobe and his recent menswear show in Milan, you'd know that he is more than capable of creating wearable, yet striking collections.

Taking his inspiration from the undertones of British heritage, the collection focuses itself with the use of colour, proportions and texture. In short, you'll see the best of Jonathan's signature aesthetics planted firmly within.

With a major part focusing on tartan prints, he has reworked the iconic pattern into a myriad of pieces including puffa jackets, shirts, trench coats and bags.

And following that, you get a series of minimal designs that has us craving for more by the second. Not to mention, the multitude of colourful stripes and graphic illustrations splattered across the pieces.

Then there are the ruffled skirts in denim, striped prints and more that have us lusting for, but without talking too much, why not you see the collection for yourself below:

(Swipe through the gallery below to see more of the collection)


"For me, the point of doing this collaboration was that I believe in democracy in fashion, and what I hope will be achieved is that any age demographic can pick up and find something within the collection to relate to." – Jonathan Anderson

Jonathan Anderson presents UNIQLO JW ANDERSON

The Uniqlo JW Anderson collection is set to launch worldwide on 22nd September 2017. For more information, visit

Stay tuned as we bring you more updates on the collection right here on

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