Fernanda Ly finds Mexico in a New York subway

It's not everyday that you get a mariachi band as entertainment on your subway ride.

From camels on the streets of New York (see here), Kate Spade brings model Fernanda Ly to a different side of the Big Apple to showcase its Summer 2017 collection.

Like all of its previous campaigns, the Summer 2017 campaign takes the ordinary and transforms it into something simply extraordinary and this time, Fernanda Ly ventures through the pulse of the city – the underground subway.

Always our favourite pink-haired girl, Fernanda was surprised by a Flor de Toloache, an all-female Mariachi band, as she traversed through the tunnels of the city, all dressed in Kate Spade, of course.

Watch the film below for an explosion of joy, colour and flair!


A mariachi subway ride with Fernanda Ly



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