Fashion Crush: Daisy Donohoe, Shoe Designer

Time for a new fashion crush and now we look west to some furry business.
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A woman that has a way with words, red lipstick, and a thing for In-N-Out, you’ll never catch Daisy Donohoe (@daisydonohoe) in an ordinary outfit and that’s exactly why we love her!

A style pioneer and now, a shoe designer for her own label Zizi Donohoe, Daisy is one that catches our breath with every movement she makes. 

But above all, it was her furry mink Zizi Donohoe slippers? It was a crush at first sight and here's a low down on who she is and what she does!

Who is this designer?

British-born Daisy Donohoe studied footwear design at Cordwainers at the University of the Arts London and after finishing her studies, she relocated to Hollywood.

This is where she fashioned her first pair of slides from leftover skins — a baby blue one for her boyfriend and acid
“tennis ball” green for herself.

That was the birth of her shoe label Zizi Donohoe (@zizidonohoe) that satisfies our obsession with old Hollywood glamour.

A label known for fabulous, wearable all-mink fur slides, Daisy says, "Instead of a sneaker, why not wear a mink slide and go to 7-Eleven or dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel?”

“If you feel gorgeous in something, you should be able to wear it wherever you want it!”

What is Zizi Donohoe about?

Her glamorous furry designs use only the finest certified Saga Mink and Fox (who also provides fur to Fendi) in custom seasonal colours, inviting her patrons to enjoy a contemporary take on a traditional luxury.

And each shoe is crafted by hand at her in-house atelier by professionally-trained furriers and shoemakers, which takes two days to complete a pair. So, quality is definitely assured.

Priced around $1,300 a pair, these pair of furry soles are ones perfect for any season.

Why she's one to watch?

It not often you see a young talent who embraces the 80s Hollywood glam so fully and has a witty, yet dry sense of humour.

She also knows how to incorporate luxe into more mundane context to make life so much more glamorous and we have no complaints about that!


Fun fact: She celebrated her birthday in McDonald’s, wearing a pink peachy ball gown with a fox stole that she made, a Chanel bag, and a plastic crown — super glam!



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