Meet the latest Insta-fashion challenges that are going viral on the internet

Time to take on the challenges now and make your #StayAtHome experience a fashion one.
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Are you bored at home during the worldwide quarantine/partial lockdown? Nothing better to change that than doing chic social media challenges via the most fashionista way possible – through Instagram, of course.

Right now on Instagram, several hashtags are triumphing in the fashion circle where influencers, celebrities and personalities are taking on a series of fashion challenges that will immerse you in your creativity and provide moments of fun and relaxation.

Check out the hashtags that are viral on social media now!

Share your best home office look, be it a comfortable dress, sweatpants or even your favourite brand. WFHFits (which means work from home outfits) was created by three editors from the United States and the United Kingdom who are sharing their images and are a great inspiration for their daily quarantine look. Just send a message to the profile and hope to be featured!



Created by Skipdin, this challenge consists of nothing less than recreating high fashion looks with everyday objects! From comforters to garbage bags and newspapers (even with rolls of toilet paper), your imagination is your limit! 

The idea is to immerse yourself in your creativity, bringing fun looks but worthy of red carpet!



If you also miss getting ready for the weekend, Mary Benson's fashion challenge will be perfect for you! The owner of the brand “Mary London” launched the idea of getting ready on Fridays, taking off her pajamas and posting a photo on Instagram.

Simple, isn't it? But it's an attitude that will give life to our weekends (and Instagram feed)!


In times of great tension, nothing is better than betting on fun colors to bring moments of joy and relaxation, isn't it? With this idea, influencers Zeena Shah and Natalie Wall created the challenge that each day of the week would belong to a colour of the rainbow, asking their followers to use the shades in their looks of the day and share with them!

Monday would be red, Tuesday orange, Wednesday pink and Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday would be yellow, green, blue and purple, respectively. How exciting!


Clothing is capable of changing the person's mood, isn't it? So why stay at home wearing pyjamas all day? Leandra Medine Cohen, founder of Man Repeller launched the challenge that simply says, "Going nowhere but fuck it, I'm still getting dressed".


Staying at home all day every day can be a real bore, but what if you did it all in a powerful look? The idea came from Sophie Kjøller, who encouraged her followers to wear their best looks on a normal day and photograph this process. In her case, she immersed herself in the idea and bet on a wedding dress! Why not?


Celebrate the arrival of the weekend with a look worthy of a fun Saturday night! After all, wouldn't it be what you would do if you weren't quarantined? Second Stories Vintage launched this challenge, bringing a little more joy and fun to the days that are naturally fashionistas' favorites.




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