Coach Create: 3 step to design your one-of-a-kind Coach bag

Remember the rebellious pins on the Fall 2015 racer jacket? Or the tea roses blossoming on Dinky? You can customise your one-of-a-kind Coach bag with all your favourite Coach motifs.
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Introducing Coach Create, a design-it-yourself experience by the iconic New York label that takes customization to the next level.

With three simple steps, Coach invites you to design your one-of-a-kind statement bag – be it the Swagger, the Dinky, the Rogue 25 or the Saddle.

Strap it, stick it, pin it or even stone it – the choice is yours! 


Let's get started!

Step 1: Accessorise It

Highlighting the interchangeable bag straps made with different techniques and key embellishments this 2018, you can now swap the bag straps to suit your mood and re-invent your daily looks!

And don’t forget to add the new scarves and bag charms to enhance your daily companion.

Step 2: Personalise It

Let ’em know it’s yours with the signature Coach monogram stamp on your bag.

It could be anything from your initials to adorable emoticons. Our trick: pick two letters for your initials and an icon that represents you best.

Step 3: Customise It

With the new Coach Create experience, a newly-launched bespoke service is now available at Coach Craftmanship Bars, where you can adorn your Coach bag with three signature embellishments – the Tea Rose, Souvenir Pins and Prairie Rivets.


(Scroll down to see the three unique embellishments now)

The handcrafted glove-tanned leather Tea Rose has become synonymous with the brand. Individually die-cut, embossed and edge-painted by hand, every single bloom exemplifies the fine craftsmanship of Coach.

If you are missing the cool motifs on the racer jacket from Fall 2015 collection like we do, these rockets, lightning bolts and star pins could your best option to put on a touch of rebellious charm on your Coach bags.

A little shoutout to Coach: can we have also a Rexy pin, please?

Last but not least, pile on the Prairie Rivets, which are embellishments made with rivets and stones, some of which are semi-precious.

These are the perfect choice for ladies who prefer subtle and delicate design.

(Swipe the gallery to get some inspirations for your own design)


The Coach Create services are available for select leather goods and footwear for both men and women collections.

And now you can even take a mini-tour of the design experience on

In Malaysia, Coach Create is now available exclusively at Pavilion Elite and The Gardens stores.



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