Chanel gets magnetised for Summer 2018

Now you can swap your Chanel sunnies with a snap of a magnetic clip!
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Going full-throttle with high-tech designs, the Chanel Summer 2018 eyewear collection has a few wonders to behold but one stands out among the rest – the clip-on interchangeable magnetic sunglasses.

That's right, now you can swap the colours for your Chanel eyewear with a flick of a clip and it's made in various silhouettes (oval, square and butterfly for your indulgence.

With this new design, you can purchase the eyewear in a set, where you choose black, navy or tortoiseshell frames as the core with two extra clip-on with options of white, cream, burgundy, tortoiseshell or black.

All this is made possible by Chanel's use of a magnetic fastener system.

And magnetic frames aside, Chanel has also brought back its iconic shield-shaped sunglasses for Summer 2018, now with gold and silver metallic finishes.

This also marks the first in the world to have a pair of frames that are graced with 18-carat gold lenses, which has a mirrored aspect that’s virtually impenetrable!

Now, less talk and time to start browsing for your new sunnies for a little sun, sand and sea!

Swipe through the gallery below for the latest Chanel eyewear...




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