Chanel returns to Grand Palais again for Cruise 2020

The French brand chose their favourite place and signature home base for the next Cruise show.

Chanel has just announced that its next Cruise 2019/20 fashion show will be held at the Grand Palais in Paris on May 3, 2019 – which is the third consecutive Cruise show done in the location.

Known for selecting the most peculiar locations for its Cruise and Métier d'art shows (think Cuba, Seoul, Hamburg... etc), Karl Lagerfeld's decision to stage the runway at the Grand Palais demonstrates the close connection between Maison and this exceptional location, confirming the brand's desire to contribute to the cultural and artistic influence of Paris with the whole world.

And even without the exotic location to draw attention, we are sure that Karl will continue to amaze us – after all, the last two Cruise shows featured a lifesize cruiseship and an Ancient Greek temple site.

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Photos by Instagram @chanelofficiel



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