Burberry’s "A New Awakening" starring Zhou Dongyu and Song Weilong

Director Derek Tsang and Zhou Dongyu reunited once again for Burberry’s Chinese New Year 2021 film.
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This Chinese New Year 2021, Burberry teams up with director Derek Tsang to present “A New Awakening” led by Zhou Dongyu and co-starring Song Weilong. From the same director as Soul Mate and Better Days, the film encapsulates the protagonist’s journey of growing up and discovery, remembered by the five senses. 

The untamed spirit of Burberry and Derek Tsang’s honest narration on growth have come together in the six-minute film to celebrate the arrival of a new spring and the unknowns await – coming as a much-needed reminder to meet the challenges with the fearless in us.

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"Working on this Burberry campaign was truly remarkable – we got to shoot in probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Amidst ancient trees, mountains and streams, we got to reunite and work together in the most serene environment. It was rejuvenating and heart-warming, and the smell of nature in the air gave us all an extra touch of inspiration. Nature, to me, is what keeps things balanced. I’ve been on trips where I have spent lots of time just gazing out at all the nature and beauty before my eyes. It’s always calming and humbling. For the new Year of the Ox, I just wish for health and happiness for everybody."


– Zhou Dongyu, Burberry brand ambassador

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"I found this whole experience with Burberry very unforgettable. I was so happy to work with the brand alongside my favourite director Derek Tsang, as well as Zhou Dongyu. When I am filming, I like to immerse myself in different environments – we will often go into the mountains and get in touch with nature to really experience its charm. I find that nature teaches us to go with the flow, show respect and always stay curious – these are important learnings for me in my work. I am looking forward to working on exciting new projects and I wish everyone the best for a healthy and safe new Year of the Ox.’"


– Song Weilong, Burberry brand ambassador

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Watch Burberry’s A New Awakening here:


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