Bella Hadid reenacts Farah Fawcett for Nike Cortez

The campaign celebrates the 45th anniversary of the iconic Nike Cortez sneakers.
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Do you remember the pair of sneakers that Forrest Gump used to run in for the 1994 film of the same name? 

Or the pair that Farrah Fawcett chose to skate in 'The Panthers'? 

That's right, tt's the Cortez , a Nike model that has become a true icon around the world, and has just turned 45!

In celebration of its anniversary, Nike has just launched a campaign starring Bella Hadid in a shoot set in the seventies, where Bella also recreated the classic Farah Fawcett skating scene. 

Together with the new campaign, Nika will also release a renewed version of the Cortez on 1st June 2017 in a blue and red model, the original colours.

But looking at the campaign shots, there are more models set to be released in the coming months, like the all-white kicks worn by Bella. 


(Swipe left below to check out the 70s themed shoot with Bella)




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