ASICS launches the Sound Mind, Sound Body™ campaign

The sports luminaries from SEA assemble for ASICS’s short film titled Sound Mind, Sound Body.
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As the world is on the journey to overcome the COVID-19 crisis and its influence on our life, physically and mentally, ASICS uses the power of sport to uplift the world through its Sound Mind, Sound Body™ campaign.

Delving deep into the transformative power of sport, the Sound Mind, Sound Body™ campaign sheds light on how sport brings positive impacts to not only the body but on the mind. In a time when our physical health becomes of utmost importance, our mental well-being shouldn’t be the last thing we look after. 

Through a series of short films, headlining a hero film, six sports luminaries from South East Asia unfold their journey of channelling their energy into sports and physical movement and how they find a steady rhythm and inner peace.



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