Armed For Amour: Fauré le Page debuts in Southeast Asia

As heritage French brand Fauré le Page opens its first Southeast Asian store at Singapore’s Takashimaya Shopping Centre, we talk to artistic director Augustin de Buffévent about the weapon-smith turned purveyor of weapons of seduction.
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Why is now the right time to expand into the Southeast Asian market?
It is an enchantment to write a new chapter of our history in the heart of one of the most flamboyant cities for architecture and gardens. There is also the elegance and sophistication of Singaporeans. We look forward to hosting guests at the Fauré le Page inner garden exclusively designed for Singapore.

The industry likes to talk about the decline of retail—can you tell us why retail is still important to you?
We at Fauré le Page are storytellers of love and seduction. Where better than in the intimacy of our houses to share those stories with our audience?

Apart from its weapon-smith heritage, how else does Fauré le Page stand apart from other French accessories brands with storied pasts?
Heroes never age. The house has constantly been able to make audacious choices. Audacity is part of the soul of Fauré le Page, which entered the annals of French history when it defiantly handed out weapons to the revolutionaries of 1789 and 1830.

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What are the qualities or values that every Fauré le Page product must tick off?
From creation to manufacturing, passion and patience are at the heart. There is no seduction without commitment to perfection.

There is also a lightheartedness to the brand—is it important to you that luxury is not to take itself too seriously?
We do what we do seriously but we don’t take ourselves seriously. A touch of humour is key to seduction.

What can we look forward to at the new Singapore boutique?
Apart from the exclusive garden design, we have also created a medal inspired by Singapore’s iconic orchid called Flower Power. There are a few other tempting surprises and exclusives to be discovered at the store. All our emblematic weapons of seduction, from the Daily Battle to the Caliber Lines and new collections for men, will be available.

What inspires and excites you? My taste for craftsmanship and heritage drives my curiosity and open-mindedness. I spend my time travelling, visiting museums, art exhibitions, studios and auction houses. The world and the others are an inspiration.


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