Armani Exchange wants to stop your digital addiction

Now get off your phones and start talking to the person next to you IRL.
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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Tinder. Social media apps have taken over our lives in the recent years as we spend more time posting, selfie-ing and swiping on our tech devices.

But now Armani Exchange wants to take a stand for this addiction of ours with its new statement t-shirt collection, starring Cara Delevingne, Martin Garrix and Liu Yifeng.


no selfies please host don't post talk don't shout speak don't swipe care don't share

Featuring five unique slogans on three variations of black, red and white t-shirts, Armani Exchange wants to share this message to the world – get off your phones and start talking to the person next to you IRL (or at least, how we interpreted it).

A move made to counter digital addiction and to promote emotions and interaction in the real world, Armani Exchange wants the world to know that virtual can never take over reality.

And we agree to that (even though, we think digital still plays a big part of our lives). It really doesn't hurt for everyone to stop and unwind for our digital persona and live a little.

But be sure to be back because we have plenty of exciting news to share with you this festive season. Kay thanks, bye!



The Armani Exchange Statement T-shirts, in white, black or red, and in two fits – male and female – are now available at all Armani Exchange stores worldwide including major shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur.



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