A look at the entire 40-piece Gucci x Unskilled Worker capsule collection

Set to launch on 11th Oct worldwide on, here's an exclusive preview of the entire Gucci x Unskilled Worker 40-piece capsule collection.

They first met in 2015 when creative director Alessandro Michele invited British artist Unskilled Worker to collaborate for Gucci’s No Longer / Not Yet art exhibition in Shanghai.

A fan of Unskilled Worker since then, Alessandro Michele has once again partnered up with the artist and this time to create an online-exclusive 40-piece capsule collection, featuring Unskilled Worker's stunning paintings.

Set to launch on 11th October 2017 worldwide, the Gucci x Unskilled Worker capsule collection will be made available all markets including Europe, United States, China, Japan and more.

(Read on to get the first look of the 40 pieces available in the capsule collection)

Meet The Artist

Before we get onto the capsule collection, let's look at the inspiration behind this collaboration.

First, the artist – Unskilled Worker, who is also known as Helen Downie. Known for her unique point of view and the signature wide-eyed and hauntingly captivating portraits of people.

And within this collection, Helen has her signature portraits incorporated into the pieces and of course, the figures are all dressed in Gucci looks.

Essentially, it's a Gucci-on-Gucci motif at play right here. An artist who started her career at 48, Helen Downie is one force to be reckoned with and now at age 52, she has become a definite fashion figure.

(Swipe below to see some of her incredible paintings for Gucci)

"It's been so exciting to discover his world and then mix it in with mine" – Unskilled Worker

The Inspiration And Design

And onwards to the collection, we see a collection consisting of ready-to-wear pieces, bags, shoes, silk scarves and various accessories, all of which are dressed with signature Unskilled Worker motifs.

With the artist's witty, playful spirit and nonchalant painting style, the collection sees a beautiful union of romanticism and whimsy that resonates perfectly with Alessandro's vision for Gucci.

On the collaboration, Helen says, "The Gucci paintings are an emotional response to Alessandro's work. It's been like a creative conversation. I think we both like hidden elements in our work. It's been so exciting to discover his world and then mix it in with mine."

To bring the spirit of the capsule collection to life, Gucci has also shot an exclusive campaign to kickstart the collection launch on 11th October 2017.

(Swipe left below to see the images now)


And down below, get the first look at all 40 pieces of the Gucci x Unskilled Worker capsule collection. Swipe to see more.

443123_0C9AE_4881 copy.jpg
486823_ZJX37_7123 copy.jpg
470225_XR815_1082 copy.jpg
466492_0C9AE_4881 copy.jpg
486822_ZJX34_4561 copy.jpg
486681_0C930_4876 copy.jpg
487005_0C11E_4970 copy.jpg
486829_ZJX58_4254 copy.jpg
486842_ZJX43_5408 copy.jpg
447632_0E22E_4881 copy.jpg
486841_ZJX57_4180 copy.jpg
486826_ZJX50_4369 copy.jpg
491810_X9G91_6125 copy.jpg
488514_3G001_7174 copy.jpg
443497_0E21E_4881 copy.jpg
486792_0C910_4860 copy.jpg
486873_ZJX41_5445 copy.jpg
486833_ZJX47_4691 copy.jpg
486870_ZJX40_9510 copy.jpg
489158_X9G98_1672 copy.jpg
467267_XR777_4271 copy.jpg
492281_X3H41_5251 copy.jpg
487005_0CY1E_8267 copy.jpg
488519_3G040_9888 copy.jpg
488512_3G166_4070 copy.jpg
492346_X3I02_4048 copy.jpg
493041_I9324_4073 copy.jpg
492281_X3H39_9974 copy.jpg
492346_X3I03_9974 copy.jpg
488520_3G001_5168 copy.jpg
488515_3G164_9888 copy.jpg
492346_X3I00_4753 copy.jpg
491813_X9G93_3093 copy.jpg
491812_X9G92_9156 copy.jpg
493041_I9324_5471 copy.jpg
492346_X3H37_5252 copy.jpg
488513_3G001_4669 copy.jpg
492346_X3H38_4751 copy.jpg
493041_J3446_6192 copy.jpg

The Gucci x Unskilled Worker exclusive online capsule collection will launch simultaneously in all markets including Europe, United States, Canada, UAE, China, Japan, Australia and South Korea on 11th October 2017.

In addition to the launch, Unskilled Worker has also created an exclusive painting and can be downloaded for free on and Unskilled from 11th October 2017 onwards.

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