A collaborated capsule collection by FENDI and K-Way®

When artistic luxury meets eternal functionality.
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Designer collaborations have somehow become a fashion must-have right now and the latest is the #FendiXKWAY collaboration, a project that elevates sartorial authenticity to high-quality outerwear.

Marrying Fendi's high-fashion luxury with K-Way's functional outdoor attire, this exciting partnership is one to add to your cart immediately! By printing FENDI’’s symbolic FF logo pattern on K-Way® fabulous reversible nylon windbreakers, the new capsule collection establishes a FENDI spin on the timeless K-Way® designs.

1606197125488630 01 fendi x kway special shooting

In addition, the women’s variation of the bomber jacket also comes with a shorter bomber-like version for an extra edgy twist.

With a truly luxurious FENDI touch, the collection also features a  fun look where nylon is combined with an FF logo printed on mink fur in brown, which is used for a bib-like accessory to layer under jackets as well as outwear to give an extra refined touch.

Be it the runway or the streets, #FendiXKWAY is there to rick it in style.

1606197169037451 03 fendi x kway special shooting navy

The FENDI x K-Way® capsule collection is now available in stores and



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