5 times Naomi Campbell inspired Kim Kardashian's looks

Seems like the celebrity was "inspired" by the iconic supermodel for her recent #OOTDs.
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In recent years, Kim Kardashian has been coined by many as a fashion icon, but it seems to be with looks copied by the four corners of the world.

At first, several stylists refused to dress the socialite and entrepreneur, while a few industry names lent their clothes, such as Givenchy and Balmain, which made Kim develop a unique style.

But it seems like Kim Kardashian's latest styling trick is to take inspiration from Naomi Campbell's looks, especially those worn by the supermodel in the 1990s, as the celebrated Instagram account Diet Prada (@diet_prada) released a compilation of photos showing how Kim is directly inspired by the legendary supermodel.

Here are five examples and feel free to draw your own conclusions:

1552454011991434 captura de tela 2019 03 12 a s 17.25.08
Photo: Instagram @dietprada
1552454012271849 captura de tela 2019 03 12 a s 17.25.20
Photo: Instagram @dietprada
1552454012577955 captura de tela 2019 03 12 a s 17.25.35
Photo: Instagram @dietprada
1552454012838185 captura de tela 2019 03 12 a s 17.25.44
Photo: Instagram @dietprada
1552454013106880 captura de tela 2019 03 12 a s 17.25.56
Photo: Instagram @dietprada



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