Feeric Fashion Week, Eastern Europe's most creative fashion week

If you're an avid fashion fan, you'd definitely heard of Feeric Fashion Week. If not, here's all you need to know about it.
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What is Feeric Fashion Week?

Mitichi Preda, founder and president of Feeric Fashion Week, launched the concept in 2008 when he was decided that Sibiu, his home town in Transylvania, needed to step up its game when it came to promoting its beautiful locations around the town and the local fashion industry.

So instead of presenting indoors like most in Milan, London or Paris, Mitichi decided to do it differently for Feeric Fashion Week (Feeric means Magic).

And that has gained the attention of international media and industry experts including Vogue Italia and Schon Magazine, who had also given their sign of approvals, respectively naming it "the largest fashion event in the Balkans" and "the greatest fashion week in Eastern Europe"


How does Feeric Fashion Week stand out?

In a fashion market being reshaped by digital media, rapid globalization, an uncertain economic and geo-political environment, more and more fashion designers from France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and China are rethinking their approach to Feeric Fashion Week in Romania.

Thanks to its various scenic locations, Feeric Fashion Week is now known for transforming the most random places into runway-ready settings, including the Fairies Valley Castle, the Garden of Brukenthal Palace, Candies Factory and the Stone Quarry.

On top of it all, Feeric Fashion Week has now been established as an international platform for emerging designers, both local Romanian and international talents, to see and be seen!

What has Feeric Fashion Week achieved?

This year, Feeric Fashion Week has brought more than 40 designers from all over the world to showcase their collections and approximately 25 distinguished guests including international journalists, fashion buyers and representatives of IED Milano (Istituto Europeo di Design Milano).

The local fashion industry overall has a huge impact on the city as well, employing 8.5 percent of the total workforce, which amounts to almost three hundred thousand people.



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