5 unique Yee Sang you can try in Kuala Lumpur this Chinese New Year 2019

Because Chinese New Year is never complete without a round (or ten) 'Yee Sang'.
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Yee Sang, also known as Yu Sheng (魚生) is a traditional dish for Chinese during Chinese New Year which symbolises prosperity, abundance and a new beginning.

A mainstay for Malaysians to usher in the Lunar New Year, the act of enjoying Yee Sang – namely Lou Sang/Lou Hei – is something loved by all! While raw fish (think sashimi, tuna etc) are the traditional choices, Yee Sang has now evolved to featuring various other seafood and even fruits as the star of the dish. 

From Chynna at Hilton Kuala Lumpur to Ruyi & Lyn and Fook at Bukit Bintang, we listed down 5 unique Yee Sang offerings  you can try in Kuala Lumpur that are excellence in colour, aroma and taste.

1548650815765858 stregis


This year, St Regis Kuala Lumpur presents the Prosperity Yee Sang, highlighting the fresh, lavish seafood, which are available in three different options – Abalone & Crispy Soft-shell Crab Yee Sang; Salmon & Jelly Fish Yee Sang and Vegetarian Yee Sang.


For reservations, call 03-2727 1111.

1548652775655099 hilton


Yee Sang was given a green and sweet twist at Chynna. Featured in the 'Prosperity Set' menu, the Yu Sheng with Macadamia Nuts and American Strawberry serves up fresh greens and big, red strawberries – both auspicious colours that bring prosperity and harmonious for those who indulge in it.


For reservations, call 03-2264 2264.

1548668087851385 fook


If you love Asian fusion, you need to try this Thai-infused Yee Sang at FOOK, a contemporary Asian fusion eatery nestled on a hilltop in the buzzing city centre.

The recipe includes raw salmon, shredded papaya, pomelo and vegetables, finished with tamarind and plum sauce which promises a sweet and sour flavour.


For reservation, call 03-2148 370.

1548668156507119 ruyi lyn


This year, Ruyi & Lyn introduces an extravagant menu of six different Yee Sang to welcome the Year of the Pig. 

And just when you think the Moet & Chandon Champagne "Lou Hei" and Wealthy Boston Lobster "YU" Sang are the most deluxe indulgences, the 28K Golden Koi "YU" Sang that comes with Atlantic Salmon sashimi, sea caviar and Koi Fish designed with edible gold will definitely blow your mind away with this decadent taste.


For reservations, call 03-2083 0288.

1548669432775045 nobu

Nobu Kuala Lumpur

Instead of the regular Yee Sang dish, Nobu presents HARHARHAR Prosperity Platter for this festive season for your gourmet delight.

Named after the pronunciation of lobsters and prawns in Cantonese, the platter is adorned with sumptuous seafood, green apples, rose apples, dragon fruits and more, which is served with a wafu dressing, honey and sour plum sauce.


For reservation, call 03-2164 5084.



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