MidAutumn 2018: 7 mooncake gift boxes to impress in Malaysia

We love them to the moon and back.
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We're in the complete festive mood now, especially since Mid-Autumn Festival is looming around the corner! How about you?

Less than one month to the annual Mid-Autumn Festival (24th September), we're here to share a list of visually captivating mooncake gift boxes with y'all, which is perfect for the gifting season!

And of course, they guarantee the best taste with the finest ingredients as well!

(Scroll down to take a look at our favourite mooncake gift boxes of this year: )

1. Mandarin Oriental: Mooncake Treasures 

Taking inspiration from its iconic fan logo, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur celebrates this year's Mid-Autumn festival with a fan-shaped Mooncake Treasures box.

The gift box is emblazoned with a prosperous and harmonious scene inspired by ancient China that depicts the joyous festival in a beaming red.


For orders and more information, visit www.mandarinoriental.com.


2. Hilton x Khoon Hooi: Gourmet Couture Mid-Autumn Series 

Hilton Kuala Lumpur never fails to amaze us with its Mid-Autumn offerings and this year marks the very first mooncake collaboration between Hilton KL and a fashion designer.

Designed by Malaysia's leading fashion designer Khoon Hooi, the two-tiered gift box exudes the grace of Chinese classic motif with a rich Malaysian touch.

You can choose between the Midnight Bloom (limited-edition) and Blossom (collector's edition), both enveloped in brocade fabric seen in Khoon Hooi's fall collection.


For orders and more information, visit hiltonkl.com.

3. Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur: A Blissful Mid-Autumn Festival

Known for its floral mooncake gift boxes, Tao Chinese Restaurant at Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur presents a peach blossom-themed mooncake gift box to echo the Chinese name 'Tao', which translates to 'peach' in English.

Crafted in a neatly yet elegant silhouette, the dark charcoal-hued gift box is given a subtle luxurious finish with the stamping of golden peach blossoms.


For orders and more information, visit intercontinental.com.

4. The Westin Kuala Lumpur: Moon Dream Mooncakes


Remember the Bluetooth speakers-equipped YUÈ Mooncake Gift Box from 2017? This year, The Westin Kuala Lumpur continues to surprise us with a LED-lit Moon Dream gift box.

Flip open the lid and you'll see the sophisticated engraved interior that portrays a dreamy night under the moonlight.

And you can transform it into an illuminating home decor piece by turning on the LED lights!


For orders and more information, visit www.thewestinkualalumpur.com.

5. Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel: Mid-Autumn Mooncake Treasures

Looking for something that fuses the modern and classic? These jewellery box-inspired design shining in a distinguished silver exterior might be your best option.

Featured with three designs – Delicate Plum Blossom, Glittering Butterflies and Beautiful Peacocks – the gift boxes are crafted in a sleek, minimal silhouette paired with dazzling rich colours and embellishments on the lids.


For orders and more information, visit www.sheratonpetalingjaya.com.


6. Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur: Colours of Mid-Autumn

The Colours of Mid-Autumn from Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur captures our affection at first sight with its joyful hues and simplicity in design.

Adorned with adorable effigies of rabbits and deer, the lacquered boxes evoke sweet and lovely moments we shared with our loved ones during the festival.


For orders and more information, visit concordehotelsresorts.com.

7. Inside Scoop: Over The Moon

Themed 'Over The Moon' this year, Inside Scoop is back with its coveted handcrafted snow skin ice cream mooncakes that comes in an adorable gift box.

Resonating with the palette of flavours, the gift box comes in soft, warm pastel hues, where the mountains are painted pink and the sky is tinted yellow, portraying the scenery of Autumn in an adorable and childlike way.


For orders and more information, visit www.insidescoop.com.my.


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