Brasserie 25 brings the wonders of Saint Tropez with Chef Kevin Altier

The signature restaurant of Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur collaborates with guest chef Kevin Altier of ‘M’ Restaurant, Muse Saint Tropez for a unique Provencal dining experience.
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When we talk about French cuisine, the usual classics come to mind, but now at Brasserie 25 of Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur, you can experience a more eclectic taste that comes all the way from southeastern France.

Collaborating with celebrated chef Kevin Altier of 'M' Restaurant from Muse Saint Tropez hotel, we now have a chance to taste the coastal delicacies of Provencal cuisine, which is available at Brasserie until March 2018.

Just a few weeks ago, we had a taste of the four-course dinner menu and we are absolutely impressed.

Here's what our palate tells us... Bon Appétit!


To kickstart the night, we get an appetiser of tomato and mozzarella cheese tartare with balsamic reduction to whet the palate.

Both staple ingredients of the Provence region, the juicy sweet tomato tartare (accented with garden herbs) paired with fresh milky mozzarella highlights a refreshing punch on the first bite that eases to a mellow finish, which is complemented with a touch of tangy concentrated balsamic for that much-needed kick.

A true classic to Provencal flavours with a twist that is perfect for the night.


What may seem like a regular plate of our usual "Malaysian deep-fried squid" here is actually a European signature delicacy.

Split into two ways of cooking, the first is a lightly battered squid that is deep fried to golden brown, while the other is married with flavourful herbs.

To finish it off, a serve of parsley and garlic sauce is given for your pleasure and perfectly synergises the two cooking methods and a medley of nuances.


For the main course (or as the French say "Plat Principal"), we are greeted with a fillet of sea bass with tapenade and Barigoule artichoke.

Both tapenade (a Provencal classic made with finely chopped olives, capers and olive oil) and Barigoule artichoke, (a Provencal way to cook the vegetable in soup stock) are used to bring out a clean and untainted flavour of the sea bass.

Fresh, sweet and succulent, the sea bass fillet swirls in harmony with the earthy notes of artichoke and the mellow finish of tapenade for a light, yet fulfilling finish to the night.

Ile Flottante

And finally, to cap off the night, chef Kevin prepared the "Floating Island", another French classic that we are in love with.

Primarily an island of meringue topped with baked waffle and surrounded by a sea of chestnut cream, the dessert is not the usual overly sweet finish you'd expect.

Rather, it brings a heart and gut-warming feeling to every bite. Also, the chunks of chestnut within the creamy soup add more texture to the crisp meringue and waffle.

Truly the perfect way to get acquainted with the flavours of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

Brasserie 25 is the staple restaurant located on the ground floor of Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur.

For more information and to reserve a table to try Chef Kevin's unique menu, you can call +603 2038 000 or email hsklguestservives@ytlhotels.com.my.

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