#TheAtlasOfBeauty: 4 must-buy Japanese beauty brands when in Tokyo

Note these down on your next Tokyo beauty shopping guide.
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For the second destination of our #TheAtlasOfBeauty series, we fly to Tokyo to find out the cult beauty brands and products that you need to put into your shopping list.

From THREE to RMK and Jill Stuart, we narrow down the must-haves of each of these Japanese beauty brands!

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Built on the belief that true beauty lies in living positively and respecting the blessings of mother nature, THREE has solidified itself as a favourite among beauty-conscious working women in Japan and beyond.

It takes a holistic approach to their core values, developing a range of products with the aim to achieve balance of the mind, body and skin through the utilisation of essential oils and organic plant-based ingredients without artificial fragrance, paraben and animal testing.

Swipe the gallery to check out our favourite products from THREE:

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What do you get when you merge the best of New York’s makeup artistry with Japanese technology? Enter the wonders of Japan’s very own luxury beauty label, RMK. Its vibrant spectrum of eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks which offers a fusion of both American and Japanese flair is widely popular in the beauty scene. 

On top of that, it also boosts an outstanding skincare line that draws on the power of natural edible ingredients that work to strengthen the skin’s ability to beautify itself.

Swipe the gallery to check out our favourite products from RMK:

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Jill Stuart

Don’t let the Western named brand fool you as Jill Stuart cosmetics is, in fact, made in Japan! It all started with New York-born fashion designer Jill Stuart ’s pursuit of Japanese ‘kawaii’ style, expanding her reach from clothes to a bejewelled line of beauty products that skilfully blends feminine accents with innocent yet sexy characteristics.

To date, its lush colours, indulgent textures and luxe finishes in playful packaging enjoy fervent support by young women everywhere.

Swipe the gallery to check out our favourite products from Jill Stuart:

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Since establishing in 1985, the mythical Sekkisei has aided women around the world in achieving beautiful, translucent skin inspired by the image of a dazzling field of fresh snow.

For three decades, its skincare products in trademark royal blue bottles have captured centuries-old wisdom on beauty and purity. Its gentle and unique formula of ancient Asian herbal remedies from 100 types of plants is cherished by Asian women of all generations with mothers passing it down to their daughters.

Swipe the gallery to check out our favourite products from Sekkisei



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