Meet Steve J & Yoni P on their MAC collaboration

Meet the faces behind the MAC x Steve J & Yoni P makeup collection and find out how it was created!
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It goes without saying that the "K" phenomenon is one that has taken the world by storm, from K-Pop to K-fashion and now, it's time for the K-beauty collaboration you've been waiting for.

Presenting the MAC x Steve J & Yoni P makeup collection, a beauty series, created by designer duo Steve and Yoni, that is taking K-beauty to new heights with its bright lips, chic shades and pop-art inspirations.

A celebrated Korean fashion label, Steve J & Yoni P is also one of the most talked-about shows at Seoul Fashion Week for its sporty, witty and edged out streetwear collections.

And now, we present to you a quick-fire Q&A session with the husband-and-wife designer duo, Steve and Yonito talk about this exciting collab!

The inspiration for your M∙A∙C collection?

Steve: Yoni herself is the inspiration. She has always had an iconic makeup style that people recognise and follow, so we wanted to base the package design on Yoni’s look.

Yoni: We wanted the collection to reflect our own character and our lifestyle to complete the entire mood. We’re generally drawn to street art and street culture. Steve loves skateboarding (we even have a mini-ramp in our basement), so it all came together to influence the collection.


The creative process for this collaboration:

Steve and Yoni: We’ve been in a relationship with M∙A∙C for a while! For the past two years, we’ve worked with M∙A∙C to come up with the final products, colour selection, and constant developments of actual product formulas.

Simultaneously, we worked with M∙A∙C’s packaging team to introduce a package design that’s consistent with our energetic, cool and sporty vibe.

The toughest product to create?

Steve and Yoni: Lipstick! It’s the product that M∙A∙C is known for and that so many people carry around with them on an everyday basis.

We really put our energy into creating the perfect design, pairing with the best formula, and developing the most beautiful colour. 


The must-have items you want is:

Yoni: Emphasized black liner and red lipstick is my signature style. I am partial to Yoni Crush, which is a bold orange-red lipstick and the Dazzleshadow x2 in Midnight Fever, as they both can be paired with just about any outfit choice.

The design of the packaging:

Steve and Yoni: We chose the colours for the packaging for simple reasons – yellow touches on Yoni’s signature blond hair, black is tantamount with her black eyeliner, and pink is Yoni’s favourite colour.


The Steve and Yoni girl is...

Steve and Yoni: A woman with a free and cool attitude or with a strong self-identity. Any woman with this vibe can resonate well as a Steve & Yoni’s girl.

The MAC x Steve J & Yoni P makeup collection is now available at all MAC Cosmetics boutique and on



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