Elevate the art of gifting with SK-II Street Art PITERA™ Essence

Give the gift of clear skin, now wrapped in a beautiful Japanese Furoshiki.
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The festive season has arrived and that means it is time to reward yourself and your loved ones for the year, and what better way to do so than with a gift that’s a cut above the rest? 

Prestige Japanese skincare brand SK-II has reimagined their iconic PITERA™ Essence (a.k.a. Facial Treatment Essence) and introduced the SK-II PITERA™ Essence Street Art Limited Edition gift set, dressing it up with a traditional Japanese Furoshiki wrap, just in time to spice up this festive gifting season. 


The iconic facial essence comes updated with bold and edgy elements of trendy street art, celebrating SK-II’s signature ingredient, the PITERA™, with bottles adorned in vibrant strokes.

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And while we love ourselves an edgy bottle full of our favourite facial essence, we’re also enamoured with what comes along with the SK-II PITERA™ Essence Street Art Limited Edition bottles this year.

The limited-edition Furoshiki, a type of traditional Japanese gift wrapping cloth, adds some cool versatility to the gift set, and can be tied and used in different ways to add excitement to your gift, be it as a gift knot or a holiday bag.

Just check out the amazing ways luxury fashion influencer Ashley Lau has styled it below – we’re itching to try these out ourselves!

Coming in three vibrant designs, these are surefire ways to get you crowned the best gifter at every party. Visit SK-II’s Furoshiki’s style guide for more tips on how to use it, or grab some inspiration from beauty influencer Jane Chuck on how to do so:

With a formula that has remained unchanged for 40 years, the PITERA™ Essence is SK-II’s signature product and most-awarded bestseller, and is loved by millions of women worldwide who have transformed their skin to Crystal Clear.

It contains more than 90% PITERA™, SK-II’s exclusive and a naturally derived ingredient crafted from a proprietary fermentation process of a unique yeast strain. The story of PITERA™ started in a sake brewery in Japan, where a chance observation of miraculously youthful-looking hands that were a stark contrast to an old Toji’s wrinkled face led to the discovery of PITERA™.

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We love it for its water-like texture, great absorbency to our skin, and miraculous ability to soften and smoothen our skin within just the first few applications. This is one of those products that we can count every day on to rejuvenate, refresh and revive our skin - definitely worthy of all the hype it receives as a favourite among beauty gurus.

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Get the SK-II Street Art Limited Edition gift set at all SK-II counters nationwide, which includes a Limited Edition Furoshiki, a Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser (20g), Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (30ml), and R.N.A Power Radical New Age Cream (15g) for RM 759.

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This article was brought to you by SK-II.



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