Marc Jacobs introduces the new scent, Perfect

An invitation to reclaim your heart.
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Daisy by Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobsfragrances) is one of the very first fragrances for almost every one of us; and if Daisy is a key to unlock the new journey of a young, sophisticated lady, the latest Perfect by Marc Jacobs fragrance would be an invitation to reclaim her heart.

Inspired by Marc Jacobs' mantra “I am perfect as I am,” the house’s latest eau de parfum is designed to embrace authenticity and celebrate the beauty of individuality.

Perfect by Marc Jacobs ignites a floral opening with rhubarb and daffodil on the top, leading to a creamy heart of almond milk, whilst the base accord of cashmeran and cedarwood lend warmth to the bright, refreshing scent.

 As the name speaks for itself, Perfect is nothing you would expect and everything it needs to be. The harmonious clash of floral and calming notes plays to the airy, sun-drenched days, lingers an extra layer of warmth on your cardigan when the sun goes down - it doesn’t require a special occasion or season to sprinkle.

“I put it there to remind me, that when I’m looking at myself and wishing that I could be stronger in this way or better at that thing, I can just say no, I’m exactly how I need to be right now. So, perfect.”

-Marc Jacobs on his "PERFECT" tattoo.



In a series of footages lensed by Juergen Teller, Marc Jacobs put the power to define ‘perfect’ in the hands of 42 girls, delivering a raw, playful campaign that aspires to explore identity and authenticity. 

Head over to @marcjacobsfragrances to find out more and check out the full series of Perfect campaign.




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