Marc Jacobs features 29 models for all-inclusive "Shameless" foundation

by Calvin Chong
Marc Jacobs Beauty joins the all-inclusive train and they are already getting thumbs-up everywhere!

Freshly launched last week, Shameless Youthful-Look 24 Hour Longwear Foundation SPF 25 by Marc Jacobs Beauty is certainly a step in the right direction in the beauty world.

Boasting of a range of 29 different skin tones and 29 different models to match, the campaign for Shameless embraces women of all colour and we are absolutely in love.

“They are acknowledging me, someone mixed, as someone important by having my shade..." model Ke’Andra Samone remarks of the line, which she feels has successfully created a shade (Y340, in case you were wondering) for her “golden and olive” skin tone.

(See all 29 models in the gallery below)

Tess McMillan in shade R150
Ke’Andra Samone in shade Y340
image (1).jpeg
Lily Nova in shade Y110
image (2).jpeg
Dipti Sharma in shade R380
image (3).jpeg
Christina Kruse in shade Y210
image (4).jpeg
Rose Daniel in shade R230
image (5).jpeg
Teddy Quinliven in shade Y130
image (6).jpeg
Hannah Ferguson in shade R310
image (7).jpeg
Faith Lynch in shade Y270
image (8).jpeg
Riley Ticotin in shade R300
image (9).jpeg
Sohyun Jung in shade Y320
image (10).jpeg
Missy Rayder in shade R330
image (11).jpeg
Dara Allen in shade Y360
image (12).jpeg
Jocelyn Corona in shade Y390
image (13).jpeg
Vie Chidiac in shade R350
image (14).jpeg
Carissa Pinkston in shade R250
image (15).jpeg
Kanta in shade Y370
image (16).jpeg
Adesuwa in shade Y400
image (17).jpeg
Aaliyah Hydes in shade Y420
image (18).jpeg
Shaanti Chaitram in shade R460
image (19).jpeg
Kesewa Aboah in shade Y440
image (20).jpeg
Selina Khan in shade Y470
image (21).jpeg
Ange-Marie Moutambou in shade Y480
image (22).jpeg
Amelia Rami in shade R490
image (23).jpeg
Theresa Hayes in shade Y500
image (24).jpeg
Olivia Anakwe in shade R530
image (25).jpeg
Aube Jolicoeur in shade R550
image (26).jpeg
Riley Montana in shade Y570
image (27).jpeg
Alek Wek in shade R590

Fellow models Lily Nova and Tess McMillan, who share more pale complexions, have also been quoted praising the line for inclusion on both sides of the skin spectrum.

The foundation has already gained several thumbs-up for its supposed 24-hour wear and inclusion of SPF, which is important for all skin types.

As for the name? It’s an alleged take of the designer’s chest tattoo, which, you guessed it, reads “Shameless.” A fitting name and a mighty good job by Marc Jacobs Beauty! Bravo, we say!



You can purchase the Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Foundation range from 9th February 2018 at and selected beauty outlets including Sephora.

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