Kiehl's has just launched its most powerful skincare ever

Not only is it the most powerful, this Kiehl's Apothecary Preparations facial concerntrate is the most expensive to date.
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By now, we are all no strangers to the wonders of Kiehl's skincare, but this season, we get a splendid surprise as Kiehl's  launches a new tailor-made skincare product – Apothercary Preparations.

Lauded as the most powerful skincare ever created in the house of Kiehl's, Apothecary Preparations is a new personalised service, where we can mix, match and create a custom facial concentrate to address your skin concerns.

Be it breakouts, redness or wrinkles, Kiehl's has prepared five formulas to fix the major concerns we have. And here's how it works!

Step-by-step with Apothecary Preparations

Before you start your mini chemistry session, Kiehl's kicks off the Apothecary Preparations journey with a trip into the Skin Atlas, a guide created to examine your skin quality.

Through a series of diagnosis, you will be able to find out what skin type you have and what concerns to be addressed with the facial concentrate.

And within the Apothecary Preparations collection, there are five complexes that address major individual skin concerns including Wrinkle Reducing, Texture Refining, Redness Neutralising, Pore Minimising and Brightening.

From the five available, you get to choose two complexes, which will be mixed into Kiehl's Skin-Strengthening Concentrate base and voila! You have your very own personalised skincare ready.

And to take it up a notch, each of the Apothecary Preparations skincare set comes with a personalised box and bottle that mirrors the traditional pharmaceutical packaging, where the bottle has personalised name tag and details one.

And all this can be obtained at the price of RM440, which is not steep if you think about what it can do for you as there aren't many facial concentrates right now that can address multiple skin problems in one go.

We have tested it out and we find that it does help and each bottle can last you for about 4 months. And that's a bargain!



The Kiehl's Apothecary Preparations experience can now be found in seven Kiehl's outlets including Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, Suria KLCC, Sunway Pyramid, Bangsar Village 2 and 1Utama, along with  Queensbay (Penang), Aeon Tebrau (Johor Bharu).



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