Glossier Play has arrived and everyone is freaking out

Makeup’s most sought-after beauty brand releases the perfect collection for stepping out in style.
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A brand known for being all-inclusive (be it race, colour, gender or size), Glossier has everyone worldwide freaking out with the launch of Glossier Play, a new line of colourful makeup products that stuns like the Milky Way.

Glossier Play, while different from the parent brand’s usual “less is more” approach, recreates the playfulness surrounding makeup that was initially so intriguing to many women.

Reminiscent of playing in our mom’s makeup drawers when we were kids, Glossier Play transports us back to when makeup was a creative outlet and wasn’t meant to be taken as seriously.  

With models, musicians, and other notables such as Oyinda, Troye Sivan, Sarah Feingold, and Coco Baudelle flaunting pops of colour and shimmer in Glossier Play’s promotional video, the new addition to Glossier’s already impeccable brand is sure to garner as much attention as its au natural element has.  

The new line includes colourful eyeliners, lip pens, highlighters, and glitter eyeshadows and comes in every color under the sun, including eye-catching bright oranges, fuschias, and blues.  

The brand, practical as ever, also put out a small selection of application tools and eyeliner sharpeners to aid the customer in their application of said products. The combination of rich colours and textures makes for the perfect addition to any going-out-fit and can be used in conjunction with Glossier Core to curate a more personalized look.

Glossier’s popularity is due in part to its unique, young, and aesthetically pleasing design, which is just as no-muss-no-fuss as the makeup it promotes. It could be said that Glossier is having a pop culture moment, particularly when taking into account the brand’s significant following on Instagram, as well as its many loyal influencers and celebrity followers.


Glossier’s explosive success is indicative of a larger schism in the beauty industry. One that has swung so far to the end of the pendulum that creates a social pressure for all women to meet very specific beauty standards that the women behind Glossier have vehemently pushed back against.

The increasingly dangerous concept of ideal industry necessitated a reclamation of makeup products by women and for women, which Glossier happily obliged, but they didn’t stop there.

Not only are their ads featuring women of all colours, shapes, and sizes, but men as well, because why not?  With the release of Glossier Play, Glossier has expanded its horizons, while still remaining loyal to its brand message that women should enhance their assets, not hide them.

Glossier Play’s mission statement says it all: “We believe the best part about going out is getting ready.”  They’re not wrong.

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