Estee Laundry, the beauty equivalent of Diet Prada is here

Estee Laundry aims to shed light on beauty industry missteps, scandals, and everything else in between.
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In an age where fact-checking and transparency has become so important, a new player (@esteelaundry) has joined the game, following suit of Diet Prada, the account responsible for calling out imitations and copycats of fashion.

Named “Estee Laundry”, the account has been created in an effort to air out the beauty industry and to keep it honest. Similar to fellow Instagram account Diet Prada, Estee Laundry features posts like screenshotted emails and product comparison photos that shed light on the most contentious beauty industry dramas. 

As the beauty industry has seen immense changes particularly since makeup’s explosive popularity on social media, Estee Laundry is here to help clean up the messiness left in the wake from an industry that has experienced such unprecedented growth in such a short amount of time.

From inter-company feuding to major beauty influencer scandals, rest assured that Estee Laundry has it covered. 

A recent post from the account called out L’Oreal for a recent advertisement for their True Match foundation in Indonesia. While the company may boast a “true match for all Indonesian skin tone”,  the advert shows models of a similar, relatively light complexion, neglecting a whole host of deeper shades.

This post calls out beauty influencer Laura Lee, who was at the forefront of a scandal revolving around racist tweets. Soon after posting an apology video which the vast majority of viewers perceived to be staged or scripted, the influencer was absolutely skewered by the industry as a whole.

Splicing together a screengrab from Laura Lee’s infamous video along with an article written in the Washington Post, Estee Laundry wrings her out. 

Shedding light on some of the beauty world’s most recent drama, the account has posted a vulgar and aggressive private email sent by former Deciem CEO Brandon Truaxe to Deciem and Estee Lauder board members. Reportedly leading to a restraining order filed by the board members against Truaxe, the issue is still unfolding.

This post calls out Dior for inviting influencer Sondos Alqattan to the Spring 2019 show, despite posting racist rants to her 2.3 million followers about labour laws for Filipino workers in her home country of Kuwait. 

While it might be easy to write off accounts like Estee Laundry as simply idle gossip, it is important to recognize the significance of public accountability, particularly for million-dollar brands with immeasurable influence.

We’re far past the era where it’s ok for the beauty industry’s dirty secrets to remain stuffed at the bottom of the hamper while advertisements featuring polished packaging and pretty products are launched at consumers every day.

With Estee Laundry, it seems like it is finally time to pin those dirty secrets to the clothesline and hang them out to dry. What's your take on this?


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