Diptyque opens its first ever Southeast Asia boutique in Pavilion KL

Formerly a chic kiosk, now we are rewarded with a full-blown Diptyque boutique in Pavilion KL and there's more than just scents within.
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We have its stand-alone kiosk for quite a few years now (in 1 Utama and Pavilion KL) and they are also stocked in Ken's Apothecary boutiques, but now, be prepared to welcome Diptyque's debut stand-alone boutique in Kuala Lumpur!

Now opened in Pavilion KL, the brand new Diptyque boutique also marks the first ever stand-alone space in the whole of Southeast Asia region and we are mighty proud of it.

Aside from our love of the Diptyque scents including fragrance, candle, skin care and body care (you can see the new collection here), there's plenty to be excited about here.

Like all the other Diptyque space worldwide, this Malaysian space has its own unique local touch, an artistic reinterpretation of our very own traditional Wau Bulan, added to the floor.

And to add that wonderful cherry on top of the delicious sundae, this new Diptyque space now houses the brand's iconic fashion and home decor collection.

We are talking about pillows, tote bags and luxurious stationery, all with that distinctive Diptyque touch.

And not to forget the gift-wrapping section where you can customise all your purchases into beautiful gifts (for yourself or your friends and family).

Two words describe our mood right now: Shop everything!


Diptyque is located on Level 3, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall. For more information, please call +603-2141 6009.



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