Chanel invites you to discover the latest bath and body essentials

The 5 essentials for a complete perfuming routine with the most symbolic fragrance, N°5.
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Chanel N°5 Eau de Parfum, a celebrated mythical and eternal fragrance, has been elevated into five new textures for the body – just in time for the coming festivities.

The House introduces the contemporary five ways to wear fragrance, each to enhance the trail as well as transform the ordinary into something more – elegant, powerful and dynamic.

Scroll down to comprehend more about the 5 bath and body essentials of the N°5 perfuming ritual:

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ESSENTIEL N°1 The Shower Gel

The N°5 Shower Gel’s creamy, foaming texture lightly scents the skin and leaves it feeling velvety soft. Its transparent bottle is equipped with the “Twist and Slide” cap, a Chanel exclusive that makes it easy to dispense.

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ESSENTIEL N°2 The Body Lotion

The N°5 Body Lotion provides instant hydration on a daily basis and its formula is enriched with an active ingredient derived from rose and jasmine to leave a delicate, hydrating veil on the skin for up to 8 hours.

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ESSENTIEL N°3 The Body Cream

The N°5 Body Cream provides a luxurious hydrating experience. Its rich, sensual texture envelops skin in softness. Presented in a lightly frosted glass jar with an active ingredient derived from rose and jasmine, the body cream subtly prolongs the N°5 trail of senses.

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ESSENTIEL N°4 The Deodorant

An immediate conceal of freshness for lasting comfort, the N°5 Deodorant leaves the skin lightly scented to accentuate the signature fragrance. Housed in an opaque bottle, this comforting step of the routine was formulated with subtle, fresh notes that perfectly complement the floral bouquet of N°5.

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ESSENTIEL N°5 The Hair Mist

Absolute touch of seduction to infuse hair with the delicacy of Chanel N°5. Bottled in a chic transparent, frosted glass bottle, its formula embellished with an active ingredient acquired from rose and jasmine makes hair soft and shiny.

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