Beauty in Pride: 6 stars who rise to fight for equality

In celebration of pride and equality this month, let's meet six beauty ambassadors with a penchant for social changes.
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Brand ambassadors have come a long way from just being a pretty face, especially in the beauty industry.

Companies are moving towards selecting individuals with character and a penchant for social changes to represent and strengthen their identity, and to push social boundaries to lend their voices to the community.

In this month of pride and equality, we celebrate six beauty ambassadors and activators that gave a helping hand in pushing for equality for all – no matter the gender, preference, race or orientation.

Marc Jacobs

Fashion designer, creative director, businessman, and all around beautiful man Marc Jacobs is a known name in fashion.

Not only is he open about his sexuality, he also uses it as a means to spread awareness and promote the LGBTQ cause through his fashion brand.

When his cosmetics brand Marc Jacobs Beauty debuted in 2013, he said it was, “Boy tested, girl approved.” With the debut of his makeup line came four unisex products targeted at metrosexual men: the Lip Lock, Brow Tamer, and the Remedy Concealer Pen.

Other than that, take cue from Marc Jacobs himself and put on a full face of makeup, regardless of your gender.

David Beckham

One of the most iconic sportsmen of today, David Beckham (a heterosexual) is a known gay icon celebrated worldwide.

Fashion forward, athletic and absolutely gorgeous, the husband to Victoria Beckham, father of four angelic children and face of Biotherm Homme has always been an advocate for equality and the one who broke the LGBTQ taboo in sports.

How he did it? He openly embraces his gay fan base and has openly been featured in countless LGBTQ magazines.

In fact, he is the first footballer to be featured in gay magazines and he's proud of it!

Beckham said to the world, "I'm straight, I'm the England captain and I think it's cool people are gay."

Lily Collins

Doe-eyed beauty Lily Collins has far established herself to be more than just “Phil Collins’ daughter”, what with her acting debut in The Blind Side and later in many more movies.

The actress is also known as an outspoken anti-bullying advocate, being the celebrity ambassador of anti-bullying organisation Bystander Revolution.

She has made several videos for the organisation where she gives advice on how to spot someone who may be bullied, how to create a safe space for teens on social media, as well as solutions to curb bullying all together.

In 2014, Lancome appointed Collins to be one of its ambassadors, which she continues to be today.

Elle Fanning

A fashion favourite, Elle Fanning is the new face of L'Oreal Paris and has debuted her role as a trans teen in the film Three Generations.

This darling 19-year-old star has always been supporting the LGBTQ community in her own way and despite sparking much controversy with her role in the film, she continues to embrace the LGBTQ community and has always strived to promote awareness and education to others.

Not only that, Elle is also an advocate against bullying and a supporter of gender equality.

Ruby Rose

While she had always been popular in her home country, Ruby Rose achieved international stardom when she made an appearance in TV series Orange is the New Black.

Urban Decay signed her on as their new ambassador in 2016, cementing her fame. Urban Decay itself as a brand had always prided on being different; when most brands were doing girly makeup with pink and red lipsticks, they went the other direction with bright purples and dark blues.

Naturally, Ruby Rose was the perfect t for the brand. As an individual, Rose, being gender fluid herself, is a big supporter of the LGBTQ movement.

She is also an advocate and activist for mental health causes, as well as an ambassador for both the mindfulness app Headspace, and Australia’s Back Me Up campaign.

Manny Gutierrez

While Manny Gutierrez (or Manny MUA as he is fondly known on YouTube) is not a permanent ambassador for Maybelline per se, the giant beauty brand enlisted Gutierrez to appear alongside YouTube beauty influencer Shayla Mitchell in a video campaign early this year.

Gutierrez’s fame on YouTube is second to none, being one of YouTube’s first few favourite beauty boys.

Openly gay and a huge advocate of makeup on men, his Instagram profile states, “I think boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition.”

This article is adapted and edited from L'Officiel Malaysia May 2016 issue.

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