All you need to know about Tom Ford Beauty

Officially opening its doors on 1st June 2018, Tom Ford Beauty makes its Malaysian debut at Suria KLCC. And we have all the tips for you right here.
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Rumours have been flying around about Tom Ford Beauty landing in Malaysia for the longest time and we can now finally say for sure that it is officially opening its doors in Suria KLCC this 1st June 2018.

Known for its bold and out-of-this-world DNA, Tom Ford Beauty is a beauty brand loved by all beauty aficionados and a must in every woman's arsenal including yours – be it fragrance (like the recent F*cking Fabulous), lipstick or even skincare!

And in anticipation of the launch, let us get you up to speed with all the details about Tom Ford Beauty (and the must-buy items within the collection).


The provocative Tom Ford

A man that's known for his provocative and sensual aesthetics, Tom Ford himself was the designer who made the "sex sells" strategy boom in the 90s, during his time with Gucci.

And that DNA was brought forward to his beauty line – most notably the fragrance collection, which is also his first venture into beauty in 2006.

Featuring some of the most thought-provoking visuals that are often NSFW (at least by Malaysian standards), Tom Ford's fragrance line is one that shines beyond its visual.

And for any first time Tom Ford Beauty buyers, make sure you get one of its signature artisanal scents, especially the Eau De Parfum range.


(See some of Tom Ford Beauty's campaign images here)

Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lip Collection

And when it comes to makeup, Tom Ford started his beauty journey with the lips in 2010, launching the Private Blend Lip Color collection.

And from then on, one of his most coveted lip collection (and our personal favourite) is the Tom Ford Boys & Girls lip collection.

Started as Lips & Boys, the collection features 50 lip shades inspired by men he admires, from intimate relations and collaborators to men he found inspiring.

Then came the new Boys & Girls, which adds another 50 lip shades (in names of girls) to complete the 100-shade Boys & Girls collection.

So find your perfect matches right here – maybe Rosie and Connor, Scarlett and Warren or Violet and Drake?


Fun fact: Did you know that Tom Ford is also a renowned Oscar-nominated director for his films Nocturnal Animals and A Single Man? 

Other TFB must-haves you need

Next, on our Tom Ford beauty must-have list is, of course, the makeup!

And if there is one thing we swear by, it is the Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation, which is a long-lasting, humidity-resistant, face-hydrating foundation with a natural finish – making it perfect for our tropical weather in Malaysia.

Also, try the Ultimate Bronzer, which is a star within Tom Ford Beauty, known to give that dreamy summer flush within a swipe of a brush.

For the eyes, the dual-tip Eye Defining Pen liner and the Shutter Lash mascara are the most noteworthy.

Get your skin plump with Tom Ford

While Tom Ford Beauty's makeup collection is the most-talked-about within its repertoire, you absolutely cannot miss out on its skincare line.

Yes, you heard it right! Tom Ford Beauty has a full range of skincare products to pamper your skin.

From the Purifying Cleansing Oil to Intensive Infusion Eye Treatment and Intensive Infusion Ultra Rich Moisturiser, it is truly a luxury to the skin.

Also, while you're at it, you can also grab the exclusive Tom Ford Men's Grooming series for the men in your life, which includes body soap, cleanser, eye treatment, mud mask and more.

Want to know more about Tom Ford Beauty? Head over to for the full collection.

The Tom Ford Beauty free-standing boutique will be officially opened from 1st June 2018 onwards at Suria KLCC.



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