5 different ways to cleanse with The Cleansing Collection by Chanel

The golden Chanel N°5 is back and now it's time to get your face cleansed with 5 different sensations.
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One of our favourite go-to beauty labels, Chanel Beauty has just renewed its signature cleansing collection with five textures and five sensations to create the ultimate cleansing ritual for all skin types.

Following the golden rule of N°5, Chanel Beauty presents five different cleansers in its new "The Cleansing Collection by Chanel" that are created to adapt "to all skin types, all makeup and all desires".

The key to the entire collection: impeccable makeup, pollution and sunscreen removal.

And with that said, here are the five cleaners you need to know about:

The Gentle Touch

Le Lait Anti-Pollution Cleansing Milk

Just 3 to 4 pumps per session, the first of the Le Lait series (there are two other variations) is a gentle cleanser that is perfect for those who wants a quick cleanse to remove their makeup and add a little refresher to the skin.

The best part is you don't even need to rinse it off. Just massage the milk on your skin and remove with a cotton pad. Voila! 

The Rich and Deep Cleanse

L'Huile Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil

If you love a rich and deep cleanse, then the L'Huile is the one to go for.

Formulated with extremely fine natural-origin oils, L'Huile gives you deep cleanse and perfect makeup removal effect without having that sheen of oil you hate in regular cleansing oil.

With L'Huile, the oil transforms into a milky texture when in contact with water (use warm water for best effect) and can be easily rinsed off.

The Silky Finish

Le Lait Douceur D'Huile Anti-Pollution Cleansing Milk-to-Oil

For this second of the Le Lait series is a milk-to-oil cleanser, which is essentially the opposite transformation from the L'Huile that we just talked about.

Pump a few and massage on dry skin before rinsing thoroughly to get that miraculous milky and silky finish that illuminates your skin.

And like the L'Huile, there is no oily residue when using this. How great is that?

The Bubbly Wash

La Mousse Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream-to-Foam

Like all other skincare, foam-typed cleansers are one of the strongest and most effective in your arsenal for deep cleansing and complete makeup removal.

But that usually leave your skin too dry post-cleansing (unless you have an oily facial condition).

That's where La Mousse comes in – an extremely gentle and deep cleansing solution that will leave you refreshed, rejuvenated and relieved from all makeup.

Le Lait Fraicher D'Eau Anti-Pollution Cleansing Milk-to-Water

And finally, we have a sensorial surprise for you – a milk-to-water edition of the Le Lait series.

That's right, just take a few pumps of the milky solution and massage it on your face to cleanse and remove all impurities (makeup, sunscreen or just pollution and dirt for your day-to-day).

And voila, as you massage, the creamy texture will transform into a light water-like fluid, which can be easily removed with a cotton pad. No rinsing necessary.

The Cleansing Collection by Chanel will be available at all Chanel Fragrance & Beauty boutiques nationwide and at Chanel counters at all leading departmental stores from 1st June 2018 onwards.

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