100Bon, a natural French artisanal fragrance collection

The scents are all made with 100% natural ingredients and are recyclable, refillable and absolutely green.
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In an era where eco-friendly, sustainable and natural products are trending in most countries, 100Bon is a new player in town that strikes all the green notes!

A new French fragrance label in the market, 100Bon marks an incredible milestone for the beauty industry as the first perfume house dedicated to using only 100% natural ingredients for its products.

And now they have landed in Malaysia, with its first outpost in SOGO KL.

With unique concoctions created by master perfumers from Robertet (a leader in natural aromatic raw materials), 100Bon now sports over 10 unique scents within its arsenal.

From Tea Water & Ginger to Bergamot & Wild Rose and Carvi & Garden Of Figuier, all 100Bon fragrances are made without petrochemicals, artificial colors and any synthetic ingredients.

Not only are the scents divine to our olfactory nerves, 100Bon also strives to be sustainable and eco-friendly!

Each and every component of the perfume, including the ingredients and packaging, is made to be environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable.

And to top it off, 100Bon fragrances are all refillable, which means after you can pop the nozzle open and pour refills into your existing bottle or bring it to a 100Bon counter to refill on the spot.

They are really checking all the boxes as an eco-friendly, natural and sustainable brand!

Newly launched in Malaysia, 100Bon fragrances are now available exclusively at SOGO KL. For more information, visit



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