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Which Balenciaga Loop is your #StayAtHome reflection?

“ Looking forward, feeling connected. ”
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Photo courtesy of Balenciaga YouTube Channel

After weeks of publishing nothing but putting its Evening News on an infinite loop, Balenciaga’s official Twitter page brings back the Balenciaga Loop, and it is now more relatable than ever.

Launched in 2019, Balenciaga Loop is a project series that put together visual art and music. In each ‘loop’, it delivers a scenario with animation and soundtracks. They are mostly hypnotising visuals in repeat and electronic tunes created in collaboration by different artists to radiate with the eccentric energy of Demna-helmed Balenciaga.

So, if your #StayAtHome daily can be summed up in a Balenciaga aesthetic, which would it be?






Visit Balenciaga YouTube channel  and Twitter page for more Balenciaga Loops.



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