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Where to meet whom in Cannes?

We have the perfect Cannes guide for you to meet the stars and possibly get a selfie, a signature or even a job!
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Every year, it's the same old routine for the stars descending to Cannes for the annual film festival.  There are fashion insiders, celebrities, directors, personalities and more, from one end of the city to the other.

And if you happened to be in the city and is dying to meet the stars of the festival, all you need is our guide here and you might actually get a chance in bumping into the reddish mane of Jessica Chastain or pass the producer with whom you dream of working with.

Find out what the hottest Cannes Film Festival spots are down below.

Club By Albane

The atmosphere: Club d'Albane Cleret, an ivory tower perched on the roof of the JW Mariott, boasts of hosting the festival's most popular after parties for over 15 years. 

Here the icons of the 7th art are readily mixed with the crowd, which already has managed the feat of delighting Delphine, the physio overflowing. This is where the best rumors of the festival are born. Blessed bread for the paparazzi.

Who to meet: Frankly? Everybody. Last year, for example, there's Kristen Stewart, Marion Cotillard, Sean Penn, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Pierre Niney and even Manuel Valls.


50 Boulevard de la Croisette

Atelier des Merveilles Ephemeres

The atmosphere: A novelty of this 70th edition, this ephemeral place (pronounced as the L'AME) offers a bracket of poetry welcome in the middle of the superficialities of Cannes. 

In this enchanted garden is where a good part of the interviews and press junkets for the films in the official selection will take place.


We meet: The actors, directors and producers of the official selection, (real) film journalists, agents at the end of the roll. To approach only after a certain hour.


(Somewhere on the streets of Antibes)

La Petite Maison de Nicole

The atmosphere: Absolutely private, the Provençal restaurant in the Majestic Barrières by Pierre Gagnaire is the perfect location right in front of the red carpet, making it the best hideaway before or after climbing the steps, especially for the Hollywood stars in search of the spot where no one will dare to come and ask them for an autograph (except for you!). 

On the menu, you'd find sophisticated cuisine inspired by the finest flavours of the South of France.  Minimal and refined, it is a must for the red carpet regulars.


We meet: The Hollywood heartthrobs, from De Niro to Gosling and McConaughey, but also the most fashionable ladies in Dior dresses dressed in one of the suites.


(10 Boulevard de la Croisette)

La Villa AH

The atmosphere: Ultra relaxed despite the exclusivity of the place. This is a sublime villa planted on the Croisette and invested this year again by Axel Huynh, creative director of CRAZYBABY!.

From the terrace facing the sea – this year vegetated by La Grande Serre –, you can watch the Croisette sway as the sun sets over the sea with a glass of Piper in hand. The best spot for a refresh before the parties.


We meet: The cool kids of the festival come to escape at any time including Matthieu Chedid (always!), Vanessa Paradis, a lot of fashion journalists and two three influencers. 


(Somewhere on the Croisette)

La Plage Nespresso

The ambience: Known as the top luxury espresso, Nespresso is a regular sponsor for the Critics' Week of Cannes. Inside its ultra-sophisticated contemporary decor, plenty interviews and conferences around Critics' Week are held here, which rewards the short, medium and feature films of young cinema names. 

Not to be missed is the series of dinners "Les Chefs font leur cinéma", during which chefs like Pierre Gagnaire or Arnaud Faye reimagine menus around great cinematic classics.


We meet: Not George Clooney (sigh...), but rather the cream of the crop in the young independent cinema circle.

There'll also be dozens of journalists came for the junkets or to just breathe between events. If you're lucky, you might spot famous French actresses too. It's perfect for those who want to network in moderation. 


(Near the Nespresso pop-up on Boulevard de la Croisette)

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