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What are the most followed Instagram profiles in 2018?

From Cristiana to Ariana Grande and Beyoncé, we break down who are the most followed on Instagram (including a tie for 5th place!).
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#1: Cristiano Ronaldo

The Instagram profile most followed in the world is one of the most successful soccer players Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano).

The award-winning Juventus player, in just over a year, jumped from the sixth place in the list of the most followed profiles on Instagram to the top of the crop.

Today it has more than 147 million followers: thanks to a vast audience that adores him, from on-field to off-field.

#2: Selena Gomez

For a long time, the primacy of the most followed profiles on Instagram was in the hands of Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on the social platform.

Today with over 144 million followers, Selena got bumped to second place, just below Ronaldo.

According to some American newspapers, she is the one with the biggest and most constant growth: there is talk of an increase of about 1 million followers a month. Looking at the calculations, she could soon return to the leaderboard first.

#3: Ariana Grande

The bronze medal goes to Ariana Grande (@arianagrande)with 137 million followers. 

The American singer, closely followed by teenagers, has become famous for the TV series under Disney and her clear and powerful vocals.

This little angel has been able to charm the audience around the world and with her new MV for "Thank U, Next", which is filled with chick-flick references, Ariana is set to go higher! Not bad for a 25-year-old.

#4: The Rock

Formerly a celebrated wrestler, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson (@therock) has come a long way into stardom (with over 123 million followers) – now known for his fantastic comedic acts, YouTube channel and his endless love for her daughter and wife.

Whether if you follow for his family moments, his workout sessions, his new film projects or his philanthropy works, we assure you that The Rock never fails to deliver.

#5 (I): Beyoncé

We all know her as the Queen B in life, but on Instagram, Beyoncé (@beyonce) is steady in fourth place with more than 121 million followers.

Although she can not place herself in the top 3 positions, Beyonce herself is as influential as any star can be – to the point, we daresay, she is like a religion herself.

The photos she posts deserve more than just a like: portrayed in poses as the Diva herself and her many moments on stage, Beyoncé's feed is a wonder to behold.

And she is not the only fifth placer right now!

#5 (II): Kim Kardashian West

Keeping up closely in a tie for fifth place is Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian), also with over 121 million followers.

The number of followers has indeed increased a lot last year, after the setback caused by the famous robbery in the hotel in Paris. Today, Kim K continues to share excerpts of her private life and her curves that defy the law of gravity. According to the number of likes, these are the most loved by followers 

Photo courtesy: Instagram @cristiano; @selenagomez; @arianagrande; @therock @beyonce; @kimkardashian.

Editor's Note: The followers' counts are dated 3rd December 2018 and are counted by the rounded up numbers as seen on their Instagram profiles. The count might have changed since the time of publishing.



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