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Rome has a new landmark, all thanks to Fendi

The tree-like sculpture by Penone celebrates the heritage and relationship between Fendi and Rome.
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After restoring the Trevi Fountain, along with five other fountains, Fendi contributes to the City of Rome again by adding a new landmark to Largo Goldoni.

Located right in the heart of the city, Fendi has commissioned Italian artist Giuseppe Penone to create a site-specific artwork to further enrich the culture of The Eternal City.

Titled "Foglie di pietra", the impressive artwork was unveiled recently, following the solo exhibition of Giuseppe Penone, Matrice, hosted at the Fendi headquarters at Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana.

Pietro Beccari, Chairman and CEO of Fendi says, "Foglie di pietra embodies once again how much tied we are to this city and the importance it carries in the history of FENDI."

The great sculpture Foglie di pietra (Leaves of Stone) is one of the most complex artworks by Giuseppe Penone to express the bond between nature and culture.


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