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REVIEW: How you can unfold infinite possibilites with the Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold is back and now with renewed confidence in technology, performance and structure!
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Much has been said and speculated since the Galaxy Fold came into the public's eye, followed quickly by a delayed-release to improve the phone's durability and technical issue, and the re-emergence and official launch after 5 months.

Too put it in summary, as the first foldable smartphone to launch in the market, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has driven the market into absolute craze and excitement as we witness first hand how a 4.6-inch handset turn to a 7.3-inch tablet with a simple motion, like opening and closing a book.

And we took this new bad boy out for a test run to see whether it is worth its hype throughout most of 2019. See what we think below:

1579593857515138 screenshot 2020 01 21 at 4.04.03 pm


Now equipped with advanced composite polymer layers, a new foldable adhesive and a first-of-its-kind virtual dual-axis hinge, the Samsung Galaxy Fold's 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED Infinity Flex display now fold seamlessly with a reinforced body that can withstand more pressure and daily usage stress.

As with all Samsung devices, the crystal clear screen is a must and the same goes to the Galaxy Fold, which is not only in ultra-HD but it is also the world's thinnest mobile display (when unfolded) thus far, making it an extremely immersive visual experience for its users.

And when folded into the 4.6-inch configuration, you can still have a full-functioning smartphone for all needs and wants that can be tucked in your jacket or pocket easily (albeit the screen being considerably small and the body being slight thicker than standard smartphones).

We prefer it unfold for most usage while using the folded version for phone notifications, quick updates and phone calls.

1579593863199470 screenshot 2020 01 21 at 4.03.51 pm1579594388313247 screenshot 2020 01 21 at 4.03.37 pm


If there is one thing (folding aside) that we absolutely love about the Galaxy Fold is how the phone is made for multitasking – with similar capabilities of having a PC/desktop/laptop and packed into a handheld device.

First things first, the Galaxy Fold allows users to use and operate multiple apps at the same time. With the Multi-Active Window function, Galaxy Fold owners can operate three separate applications at the same time and can adjust the screen size of each app used manually to suit their needs.

Imagine replying to emails and you can cross-refer to your other documents,  as you have NetFlix on for some distraction. Bliss! And think about that larger keyboard you get in the unfolded mode to properly type email responses and official documents.

On top of that, the Galaxy Fold also allows app continuity, which means whatever you are doing when the phone is folded can be seamlessly continued as you unfold the phone, vice versa. These two makes Galaxy Fold the most attractive for us as ones who are always on-the-go for work.

1579594998284790 screenshot 2020 01 21 at 4.10.10 pm


As the first foldable phone, you'd expect even more camera lenses to appear on the Galaxy Fold – 6 to be exact.

First, it is the Rear-Triple Camera (16MP Ultra Wide Camera or the 12MP Wide-angle and Telephoto cameras), the main phone and video taking lenses we have, which shares the same capabilities as other top-notch Galaxy phones. And with it comes the expansive panorama shots, made possible with its wide-screen that can cover up to 123 degrees angle.

On top of that, there is one 10MP selfie camera on the cover (used the front camera when it is folded) and the Front Dual Camera (10 MP selfie camera and 8MP RGB Depth camera) for when you unfold your phone, which is designed for optimum HD video-calling experience and picture-prefect selfies.

1579595069918123 screenshot 2020 01 21 at 4.23.37 pm


Other functions packed into the Galaxy Fold include the high-performance battery that can last up to 10 hours, wireless power charging and sharing, stereo speakers by AKG and another set by Dolby Atmos and an HDR10+ certified display.

Functions and tech aside, a premium luxury smartphone like Galaxy Fold also comes with the Samsung Galaxy Fold Premium Service, which includes a 24/7 on-call service centre to answer your beck-and-call for any problems you encounter with your phone.

WIth just one call, you can get immediate consultation and even have staff come over immediately to assist you. Plus there is a door-to-door service to come collect and also deliver your phone – so you don't even need to drive to your nearest mall to find a Samsung store.

Another perk we love is the Galaxy Buds that comes as part of the Galaxy Fold kit – a big plus compared to the usual wired earphones we'd get. 

1579595801535149 screenshot 2020 01 21 at 4.23.37 pm


Priced at RM 8,388.00, the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone is definitely the most luxurious mobile you'd encounter in the market and a perfect companion for entrepreneurs and high-flyers who want convenience, advanced tech and luxury wrapped into one.

For regular users, while it is an amazing device, the price range might be slightly higher than what you'd expect, but we do think that the price is justifiable as this is the first foldable phone available in the market and for the multiple capabilities it can achieve.

As we venture into a new world of infinite tech possibilities with this new creation, we look forward to seeing how the Galaxy Fold will evolve into. Perhaps in the near future, a more affordable version will be available for the rest of the market?



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