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New rules you need follow for MCO 2.0 for a safe CNY celebration

As the Lunar New Year festivities approach, here are some updated MCO 2.0 rules for you to take note.
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Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations celebrated by Malaysians, where everyone join in the merriment to have reunion dinners, lou sangs and open houses.

But in light of the pandemic we face and the current enforcement of MCO 2.0, social distancing practice and strict rules must be adhered at all times.

With that in mind, new rules have recently been announced, which is enforced from 10th February 2021 onwards to ensure a safe celebration of the Lunar New Year.


Read on to find out what are the rules you need to follow during the MCO 2.0 period for Chinese New Year celebrations:

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  • During the MCO period, all hair salons, car wash services and pasar malam (night markets) are allowed to be open, following strict SOPs and capacity limitations, which has been enforced from 5th February 2021 onwards.
  • Reunion dinners are allowed on 11th February for close relatives who are living 10km radius on each other or of the dinner venue, with a maximum capacity of 15 pax per house hold.
  • Temple visitations are allowed on a few dates: 11th, 12th and 19th February, with a maximum capacity of 30 pax at one time and each visit is limited to only 30 minutes. Visitors must also wear their face masks at all times and follow strict social distancing.
  • Temple visit are also restricted to the hours between 6 AM ato 2 PM on the mentioned dates.
  • Dine-in options is now made available to all restaurants from 10th February 2021 onwards but each table is only able to accomodate 2 pax maximum and with a 1 metre distancing rule between tables.
  • Except for the 15-pax reunion dinner allowance, any gatherings, open houses or house visits are still prohibited.
  • Home prayers at night by the Hokkiens for the Festival of the Heavenly God or Jade Emperor (拜天公) on 19th February can be done within the vicinity of your homes.
  • Inter-district and interstate travel are still strictly banned until the end of the current MCO enforcement.



More updates and more detailed SOP will be announced in due time.

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