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Nespresso introduces World Explorations coffee range

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Take a trip around the world with the Nespresso World Explorations range. Built on the Lungo collection that’s known for its flavourful coffees inspired by unique cities, Nespresso adds two new cups to the mix, paying tribute to the coffee cultures in Shanghai and Buenos Aires.

Revel in the authentic taste profiles of the two cities with rich Lungo coffees that offer a longer coffee experience with an extra depth to the intensity scale, allowing you to savour the pleasant aroma.

1618810426606051 shanghai lungo white

The World Explorations Shanghai Lungo, for starters, captures the emerging Asian coffee culture with a light roast blend that combines Kenyan, Chinese and Indonesian Arabicas.

1618810444887511 buenos aires with milk

Meanwhile, the World Explorations Buenos Aires Lungo recalls Argentina’s vibrant food scene with a blend of gently roasted Colombian Arabica and Ugandan Robusta, delivering distinct cereal and sweet popcorn notes.


Pro tip: Take the coffee like a local and serve it with a generous drop of milk and sugar to appreciate the city’s love for smooth and long cups characterised by a sweet and milky flavour.

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