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Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris reopens its door with exhibition dedicated to Betty Catroux

'I had a fairytale life with him.' - Betty Catroux on her friendship with Yves Saint Laurent.
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Update: The Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris reopens its doors on 8th October 2020 after pandemic closure, featuring “Betty Catroux, Yves Saint Laurent – Feminine Singular” exhibition. 


This March 2020, Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris presents an exhibition devoted to Betty Catroux (also check out our 2020 fashion exhibition guide here), the eternal muse and the "twin-from-another-mother" of Yves Saint Laurent.

Curated by artistic director Anthony Vaccarello, the exhibition will be featuring an edit of approximately fifty designs, which includes Haute Couture, runway prototypes and ready to wear pieces – donated from Betty Catroux's personal collections to the Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent. 

Through her collection, we explore the powerful bond between Betty Catroux and Yves Saint Laurent, and how the couturier transcended gender for his creations. 

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Betty Catroux in Yves Saint Laurent AW18 campaign

"She’s perfect in my clothes. Just what I like. Long, long, long."


 – Yves Saint Laurent

During her Chanel model era, Betty Catroux met Yves Saint Laurent at the legendary Parisian nightclub Chez Régine, the unparalleled aura of her has caught his affection in the crowd.  'I had a fairytale life with him,' said Betty reminiscing the surreal days she spent with YSL and their clique including the couturier's partner Pierre Bergé, where their friendship was captured over the cities, from YSL's private house in Marrakech to the nocturnal parties in Paris.

1582528646894727 1537534407314 yves saint laurent betty catroux marrakech
Yves Saint Laurent and Betty Catroux, photography courtesy of
1582528615992447 pierre berge obit 03
Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Bergé, Betty Catroux and Francois Catroux, photography courtesy of

"I’ve always been captivated by what’s masculine. Always wore jeans, a man’s jacket… I don’t feel like a girl or a boy, but more in a seductive position when dressed in boy’s clothes." 


-Betty Catroux

And despite her saying that she hates fashion, Betty remains a powerful figure in the industry. She is the archetype of a YSL woman, effortlessly chic and alluring in so-called "boy's clothes". The unusual codes of her feminity driven the renaissance of Yves Saint Laurent's womenswear, where ladies are inspired to feel comfortable and confident in the sharp tailorings and androgynous silhouettes.

1582529764080402 saint laurent betty catroux 03 lr
Betty Catroux and Anthony Vaccarello

[Update] Betty Catroux Yves Saint Laurent Feminine Singular Exhibition imagery



March 3, 2020 – October 11, 2020
Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris
5 avenue Marceau, Paris 16ème




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